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Although the fleet has changed, the quality service remains the same!


177 years young. The C.D. Parry Co. has been passed on from father to son for six generations, and although the name hasn’t changed in over a century and a half, the product has.


In 1838, David Parry opened the Grist Mill in Buttermilk Falls. In those days they sold flour, feed, and practically anything else that went into burlap bags! As time went by the mill burned down and the Parrys’ company started to evolve. Eventually the company became a home heating service.


Today C. D. Parry Co. sells #2 Fuel Oil and Kerosene. The family also provides the community with 24 hours a day heating service that is consistently reliable and personal.


One must only consider the history of this company to understand their commitment to their business and to the community.



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