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Welcome to C.D. Parry Co., Inc.! We are a family-owned and operated full service fuel oil company. Find out what we provide and what we can do for your home comfort today!

Heating Oil Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery

Good service is tough to find, that is why we take so much pride in offering great service, day in and day out. We offer full burner service on all oil -burning appliances. We also offer no heat and no hot water service to all our customers and of course, prompt deliveries of fuel oil with Heating Oil Plus, and kerosene. Even though we are primarily a fuel delivery and heating company, if you are having any issue at your home, give us a call first and see if we can help.

Did you know that CD Parry offers new installations on high efficiency equipment by top-notch technicians?

Call us for a free estimate today!

To provide quality comfort to homes and businesses in the community. We will achieve this by offering the very best year-round service in the form of fuel deliveries, emergency heating and hot water service, maintenance and installations. We offer quality products and innovative solutions to meet all heating and hot water needs.


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